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Below you will find the frequently asked questions as posed by the clients of ESS&SA. By clicking on the questions you will open the module and the answer to the question becomes visible. If you have a question which is not included in the frequently asked questions below, please do not hesitate to contact us via email or telephone.

What is the difference between Vessel Protection Teams and Maritime Security Teams?

The services are the same, only a different name is given by the private maritime security companies to their maritime security services. Most companies use the term Maritime Security Teams.

What does PMSC mean?

PMSC means: Private Maritime Security Company.

Can armed maritime security teams operate on Dutch Flagged vessels?

Currently, the Dutch government is currently creating policy allowing ship owners to use Private Maritime Security Companies (PMSC) to protect their Dutch flagged vessels and crew under strict quality control mechanisms.

At this point, the use of Privately Contracted Armed Security Personnel (PCASP) is not allowed according to contemporary Dutch law. Dutch ship owners transiting piracy infested waters can currently only apply for so called Vessel Protection Detachments consisting of 11 Dutch marines. However, this will most likely change by the end of 2017 due to the fact that opposing parties in the Dutch government can no longer deny the increasing demand of Dutch ship owners for Private Maritime Security Companies to operate on their vessels. Even though the Dutch government provides maritime security teams in the form of Vessel Protection Detachments, ship owners often consider these teams to be to big in size, too expensive and too inflexible. As a result of these shortcomings the Dutch ship owners association, association for Captains, ESS&SA and several other interest groups have actively lobbied in order to legalise the placement of PCASP on Dutch vessels.

In December 2015 the Dutch Cabinet issued a policy statement setting out preliminary guidelines for the deployment of PCASP on Dutch vessels. However, due to a stalemate between political parties on the privatization of violence law has yet to be created and implemented. Progress has been made as of recently when a Dutch representative of the Liberal Party began drafting initiative law. In this regard, ESS&SA hopes that legislation allowing for private maritime security companies to operate on Dutch vessels will be realized by the end of 2017.


Can ESS&SA provide yacht security?

ESS&SA is able to provide the following services for (super) yachts:

  • Maritime Security Teams
  • Close Protection Officers
  • Maritime Security Awareness Training
  • Yacht hardening
  • Security systems
  • Maritime Intelligence
Can ESS&SA provide offshore security?

ESS&SA is able to provide the following offshore security services:

  • Offshore Security Teams
  • Offshore Security Management
  • Offshore Crisis Management
  • Offshore Security Plans (country specific)
  • Offshore Patrol Boat Services
  • Offshore Intelligence
By which flag States has ESS&SA been granted approval for the provision of private maritime security services?

ESS&SA has experience with providing maritime security services on vessels flying the following flags:

Isle of Man, Bermuda, Antiqua & Barbuda, Croatia, Panama, Cyprus, Luxembourg, Malta, Liberia, Marshal Islands, Singapore, Norway, Bahamas, Swiss, Madeira, Hong Kong, St. Vincent & The Grenadines, Barbados, Gibraltar.

Please contact us if your vessel flies a different flag. We are not limited to the above stated flags and can therefore provide our services on vessels even though their flag State is not listed above.

How are maritime security operations conducted?

ESS&SA provides tailor made maritime security services on vessels travelling piracy-infested waters around the world. In this regard, ESS&SA is able to protect vessels transiting the Gulf of Aden, Red Sea, Indian Ocean, Malacca Strait and the Gulf of Guinea.

The ESS&SA maritime security team consists of either three or four PCASP who all have been extensively vetted and trained by ESS&SA. All ESS&SA PCASP have extensive experience in the maritime security sector and have a background in military service or law enforcement.

Upon embarkation the ESS&SA maritime security team first familiarizes with the Master of the vessel and crew. After this the ESS&SA maritime security team aids in setting up static defences in accordance with the guidelines as set out in BMP4. Additionally, the ESS&SA security team provides 24/7 surveillance in order to early detect possible pirate threats.

Why is ISO28007 the standard for Private Maritime Security Companies?

The ISO 28007:2015 standard provides guidelines for maritime security companies providing PCASP on board ships. This standard was initially developed for organizations operating in the High Risk Area of the Indian Ocean. However, private maritime security companies operating in other areas in the world equally apply the practices as set out in this standard to their operations.

The ISO 28007 standard provides thorough quality controls and risk management systems applying to all facets of the maritime security organization. In doing so, being certified against this standard implies that the maritime security company has created an elaborate range of quality controls and has mapped and mitigated all risks that might apply to its organization. In this regard, private maritime security companies certified against the ISO 28007 standard can be seen as the companies providing the highest quality of services with the lowest level of risk in the maritime security business.

What does PCASP mean?

PCASP means: Privately Contracted Armed Security Personnel. It’s the contracted personnel Private Maritime Security Companies use on board their clients vessels.

Can ESS&SA provide escort vessels or patrol boats against piracy?

ESS&SA is able to provide Escort Vessels against Piracy. These vessels are on location in both Asia and East Africa (mostly Kenya). For a quotation, please contact us.

Welke maritieme beveiliging diensten kan ESS&SA aanbieden?

ESS&SA kan de volgende maritieme beveiliging diensten aanbieden:

  • Maritieme beveiligingsteams nabij SomaliĆ«, West Afrika en AziĆ«
  • Maritieme beveiliging consultancy
  • Maritieme beveiliging escorte schip
  • Maritieme beveiliging training in Nederland en buitenland
  • Maritieme beveiliging crew training in Nederland en buitenland
  • Maritieme Security Management
  • Jacht beveiliging teams
  • Offshore beveiliging teams