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Oil & Gas is the lifeblood of the world. This multi-billion industry maintains a high level of safety and protects critical energy assets. The offshore security industry is becoming increasingly important as the threat posed by piracy and terrorist organisations continues to evolve.

ESS&SA recognizes the spectrum of risks oil & gas companies, their subsidiaries, service providers, suppliers and partners industry face when operating in some of the world’s most complex environments.

Slow moving or static projects (seismic surveys, drilling, transport of rigs, cable laying, oil transport) would not have to deal with any process disruptions caused by threats in high-risk waters with the use the offshore security services of ESS&SA. ESS&SA is a reliable maritime security partner who understands the importance of a safe and secure environment for employees to work in. ESS&SA is able to provide tailormade offshore security solutions which fully meet the client’s requirements.


ESS&SA offshore services include:

  • Offshore risk management
  • Offshore crisis management
  • Offshore boat teams for high risk projects
  • Offshore security teams
  • Maritime security liaison officers
  • Offshore Patrol Boats
  • Risk assessments & intelligence
  • 24/7 operational and legal support

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